PORTRAITS | photography | ONGOING
HOT HYSTERICAL STOCK MARKET | performannce, vr | 2020
SYSTEM OF A GESTURE  | dance | 2019
SOTHEBAE’S | photography | 2018
SYSTEM OF A GESTURE  | film | 2017
THE WHISTLER | film | 2016

System of a Gesture
documents three moving bodies in dialogue with the social function of children’s handclapping games and their sexual implications. In a workshop-like approach, these bodies revisit the familiar gestures, fluctuating between instructor, observer, and learner. By eliminating the suggestive rhymes that often accompany these games, emphasis is placed on touch, movement, and direction. Clapping sequences are first established in a structural, pedestrian manner that then becomes a guided lyrical quality of movement. The resulting gestures remark one’s early encounter of their sexual body as well as the frustrations of understanding intimacy with the self and others.